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Is the U.S. a federated union, as the Constitution suggests, or a single nation as is often believed? This question is an odd one considering what our founders intended for these United States. Nevertheless, it is a topic that is often misunderstood and deserves addressing. In its essence and founding documents, the U.S.A. is a union, similar to the European […]

Texans and the rest of the Union have lately been focused on the passing of President George H. W. Bush and all the honors rendered to him. However, there is another departure that is fast approaching, one that will not be greeted with dirge and cannon… the death of the hope of restoring America through GOP unified government. Because the […]

TNM’s Legislative Action Workshop is set to begin in a just a few days. At this on-line conference, TNM members and supporters get to learn from leading experts on the Texas Legislature on how to effectively make their voice heard. Here is a review of the topics and speakers currently scheduled for the event: The Main Thing: Legislative Priorities of […]

With Thanksgiving happening later this week, those of us at TNM thought we’d pass along one more thing to be thankful for. You will doubtless recall the ongoing struggle over the Alamo over what narrative will be the definitive one featured after the dust settles on the Reimagine the Alamo project: the Castro family/George P. Bush narrative that portrays the […]

Another controversy in fake news as a Houston Chronicle reporter is out of a job after being caught using bogus sources. Mike Ward was often sent by the Chron to cover the TNM’s efforts and those related to the Texas GOP and Legislature. Not dissimilar to the rest of the mainstream media which is more focused on promoting a particular […]

Last Saturday, the town of Gonzales, birthplace of the Texas Revolution, hosted the “Come and Take It Second Amendment Rally,” and Texas Nationalist Movement President Daniel Miller was a featured speaker. Right on the heels of its “Come and Take It Festival” from the previous weekend, the “Come and Take It Second Amendment Rally,” was organized by the Gonzalez County […]

The controversy surrounding the Alamo just escalated and Land Commissioner George P. Bush could see a new opponent across the battle lines – his own party. Daniel Miller, President of the Texas Nationalist Movement, penned an official request to the Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, James Dickey, to publicly clarify the party’s stance on the Alamo issues. Additionally, […]

If you’re reading this, odds are almost 100% that at some point in the journey to get you here, we had to pay for you to see it. Please take the time and read it all the way to the end. This is getting expensive. Before I get into the details about the digital war that is being waged against […]

The Texas Nationalist Movement is releasing its legislative priorities for the 2019 session of the Texas Legislature. Divided into the three main areas of the TNM’s mission, the legislative priorities represent policy initiatives that are strongly supported by members of the organization. While the TNM will likely come out in support of other pieces of legislation during the session, these […]

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