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Miller Calls For Committee Votes on Monuments & Alamo Bills

Most bills in the Texas Legislature die because the clock runs out. Critical bills dealing with the Alamo and Texas monuments are in danger of dying as they languish in committee without a vote. While ever larger numbers of Texans are expressing their concern for the Alamo and our historical monuments and demanding action to protect them all, bills that […]

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The Texas Nationalist Movement has been on the front-lines defending Texas cultural heritage from those that would influence government to rip it out. This past week proved to be pivotal in this battle. Our monuments both celebrate the best of our society as well as acknowledging its short-comings, and there is room in Texas for discussion on these matters, but […]

The 2019 legislative session continues to be a harrowing experience for freedom-loving Texans. But even in the midst of the state’s leadership giving in to the anti-Liberty agenda, we may have stalled their plans to raid the Permanent School Fund. As reported by the TNM, Governor Abbott and his cronies were trying to grab-up the PSF, taking it away from […]

The mention of transporting illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities has riled up the Left in recent days. But 9 years ago, they were for it before they were against it. Then the Texas Nationalist Movement offered to send them to Washington, D.C. and everything changed. In 2010, under the Obama administration, the federal government instituted the Alien Transfer and Exit […]

A bill from Republican Senator Larry Taylor proposing radical changes to the management of our Permanent School Fund is headed for a public hearing on April 9th in Austin. If it passes into law, it will be one of the biggest government power grabs ever by the State of Texas. The Texas Permanent School Fund has been a great achievement […]

This past week finally saw a legislative hearing over HB 1836, the bill to prevent the movement of the Cenotaph from Alamo Plaza. However, the battle to preserve the Alamo and its Cenotaph has only reached the end of the beginning. At the capitol building in Austin, the bill was first made open for testimony on Wednesday in front of […]

Two bills that would protect Texas historical monuments have been scheduled for committee hearings. Here’s what you can do to help. House Bill 583 by State Representative James White and the Senate companion, Senate Bill 1663 by Senator Brandon Creighton have been scheduled for committee hearings next week. HB583 will be heard in the House Committee on Culture, Recreation and […]

With HB 1836, the Alamo Cenotaph Bill, getting a hearing, we thought it was time to set the record straight on the TNM’s years-long fight for the Alamo. While many concerned Texans have recently had their hand in this work, there are definitely a few roosters, sensing that the sun is rising, who are striding forth to claim sole credit […]

Today, Representative Kyle Biedermann (Fredericksburg) filed House Bill 2648 to protect monuments across the State of Texas. It is the companion of Senate Bill 226 by Senator Pat Fallon. Activist groups are pressuring local governments to remove monuments and memorials, and to rename streets and schools, etc. These actions are becoming more common every day. Representative Biedermann said, “The minute we allow monuments to […]

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