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Independence Day in Texas

Independence Day or Fourth of July – The Truth About What You Are Celebrating

Are you a little more agitated and less tolerant of tyranny than usual on this July 4th holiday? You should be. That is especially true if you are a Texan. Let me begin by clearing up some common misconceptions. July 4th is celebrated as “Independence Day”. There is no holiday called the “Fourth of July”. It is also not “Second …

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How is the government defining COVID cases?

This Otherwise Boring Video About COVID-19 Contains A Bombshell Revelation

Governmental meetings are typically boring affairs. But when that meeting details how COVID-19 cases are actually being defined, things become way more interesting. A vital …

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The Alamo Cenotaph Loophole in SB226

Who Is Responsible For The Destruction of Our Historical Monuments?

President of the Texas Nationalist Movement Daniel Miller addressed the Spindletop Republican Women’s meeting on June 30. It was a no-holds-barred rebuke of the political …

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TNM on Parler: The Journey to Independence and Free Speech Continues

Oppressing the voice of reason, the sentiment of the people, and growing awareness has always been the tool of tyranny. It has been repeated so …

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Gun rights

The Real Truth About Gun Ownership and Homicide Rates

Progressively over the years, Texans have seen more and more of their fundamental rights infringed upon by the Federal government in the name of providing …

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Alamo billboard censored

This Alamo Billboard Was Too Controversial To Be Seen

A TNM billboard to raise awareness for the current dangers surrounding the Alamo was slated to go up in 77 locations throughout Texas this week. …

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TNM’s 2020 Political Convention Resolutions

Party conventions are back on the schedule here in Texas. If you plan on attending, here’s the info that you need. The political parties here …

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Texas Independence Flag of the Texas Nationalist Movement

It’s Here. It’s Time.

For the last several years, the Texas Nationalist Movement has been warning that if Texas doesn’t separate itself from the United States, we may be …

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What Texans Need To Know About Self-Defense

In light of recent events, the TNM’s General Counsel has issued the following guidance for Texans who may be forced to use deadly force to …

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