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In this edition of TNM’s Legislative Action Workshop Claver Kamau-Imani joins businessman and former Commissioner for the Texas Real Estate Commission, Weston Martinez, to discuss “Property Rights and Pipelines: A Legislative Update. Weston Martinez began his talk by stressing vigilance, because of the left’s penchant for interfering in business and over-riding property rights. And while Texas is generally business friendly […]

In this edition of TNM’s Legislative Action Workshop Claver Kamau-Imani joins the Grassroots Director for the Texas Freedom Caucus, Teresa Beckmeyer, to discuss “The Texas Freedom Caucus & the 86th Legislature.” The Texas Freedom Caucus (TFC) is a group made up of sitting politicians from the Texas House and grassroots activists dedicated to promoting conservative and liberty-oriented change in Texas. […]

In an extended session of TNM’s Legislative Action Workshop, Rachel Malone, the Texas Director for Gun Owners of America, joins Claver Kamau-Imani for “Unlocking the Secrets of the Texas Legislature.” Before a background draped with Texas, Gonzales, and Gadsden flags, Rachel Malone kicked-off a presentation she normally reserves for personal appearances. She began with a question: “What are the issues […]

Facebook has been under fire for nearly two years for engaging in a policy of censorship that it says doesn’t exist. Over the weekend, the TNM busted Facebook in the act of disconnecting users from the TNM page when they disconnected the wrong person – the TNM’s Field Director, Don Teer. Daniel Miller, President of the Texas Nationalist Movement, highlighted […]

It has long been a broad, hopeful strategic ambition of TNM to acquire the guidance, material support, and ultimately the official stamp of approval from our British brothers and sisters in our vision for Texas independence. That’s why TNM sent its Communications Director — John Griffing — to conduct meetings with his high-level political contacts in the Brexit movement about […]

For this session of TNM’s Legislative Action Workshop, former Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson joins Claver Kamai-Imani and TNM President Daniel Miller for a panel regarding the “Past, Present & Future of the Alamo.” Miller began the event with a little history on the embattled fort. Since the days of the siege, the Alamo has been a target for dishonor […]

District 19’s Representative James White joins moderator Claver Kamau-Imani in this installment of TNM’s Legislative Action Workshop for a look at “Legislative Success & the TNM.” Introduced as the representative that “votes his district,” Representative White went on to extol the virtues and religious faith of his constituents, and their enthusiasm for property rights and the second amendment. “So, I […]

TNM’s Legislative Action Workshop’s current session features CEO and author David Thomas Roberts presented his talk on “Building Relationships for Legislative Advocacy.” Dave Roberts, the CEO of Defiance Press, a leading book publisher for conservative and libertarian literature, has crafted many personal and professional relationships with politicians and power-brokers. However, he didn’t do that by standing awe-struck of their office […]

In another session of the TNM’s Legislative Action Workshop, moderator Claver Kamau-Imani welcomed author and researcher Jake G. Provencher for his talk on “The Road to Referendum: Quebec’s Two Independence Votes.” Jake Provencher began by underscoring the importance of the Quebec independence movement and their referenda on independence from Canada, rating it just below the American and Mexican revolutions in […]

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