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Remember the Alamo! Take a minute to honor the sacrifice of the Alamo defenders and help advance HB 1836 by State Representative Kyle Biedermann — a bill to reclaim state control of the Alamo to preserve the story we’re telling of our heritage. Call Chairman Cyrier’s office (512-463-0682). Ask that he schedule a hearing SOON for HB 1836. Huge thank […]

Today, Representative Kyle Biedermann (Fredericksburg) filed House Bill 2648 to protect monuments across the State of Texas. It is the companion of Senate Bill 226 by Senator Pat Fallon. Activist groups are pressuring local governments to remove monuments and memorials, and to rename streets and schools, etc. These actions are becoming more common every day. Representative Biedermann said, “The minute we allow monuments to […]

The “Reimagine The Alamo” plan is an ever-changing trojan horse meant to surreptitiously transform the Alamo over the course of generations from the ‘Shrine of Texas Liberty’ to a progressive object lesson on the evils of Anglo imperialism. Under the guise of “preservation” and “respect”, the ultimate goal is to federalize, globalize, and sanitize the Alamo. While the plan contains […]

Land Commissioner George P. Bush exposed his continued contempt for Texas voters who are concerned about the Alamo. Go on-the-record and help protect our historical monuments. David Thomas Roberts, author and member of the TNM’s Advisory Board, arranged a meeting with George P. Bush and other citizens from around Texas to discuss concerns over the Alamo. Virtually all of the […]

Runaway Scrape 2019 is the first annual Spring retreat for members of the Texas Nationalist Movement. RS2019 is a weekend-long masterclass in how you can personally make Texas independence a reality. In addition, connect with other members of the TNM and build lifelong friendships in the fight for Texas independence. Hosted at a campground (just like the original Runaway Scrape) […]

With the legislative session lasting only 140 days, things move fast. Now TNM supporters have a chance to make sure that crafty legislators don’t slide critical pieces of legislation under the radar. Too often, the Texas Legislature uses its short session and fast pace to hide actions on legislation that directly impact issues that Texas Nationalist Movement supporters care about. […]

In this final session of TNM’s Legislative Action Workshop, Claver Kamau-Imani joins the Texas State Representative for district 15, Steve Toth, to discuss “Getting Through: Effectively Engaging Your Elected Officials.” Representative Steve Toth is a conservative activist/politician, once and current member of the Texas House. After an unsuccessful run for a U.S. House seat, Toth regained his old state House […]

With the Texas Legislature in session, you have a once-every-two-year opportunity to publicly give legislators an earful of Texit. Here are a two ways that you can make Texit the focal point of any public policy debate. Federal Money Is Our Money Virtually all major public policy debates in Texas come down to one thing – money. In fact, session-after-session […]

If you’re reading this, odds are almost 100% that at some point in the journey to get you here, we had to pay for you to see it. Please take the time and read it all the way to the end. Online censorship is getting expensive. Before I get into the details about the digital war that is being waged […]

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