< }}” alt=”people-want-a-vote.jpg” width=”250″ />Supporters of the Texas Nationalist Movement scored a major victory today when 2/3rds of the Texas Republican Platform Committee voted to place a call for a referendum on Texas independence on the party platform.

Members of the TNM who are delegates to the convention have been engaging the subcommittees since early on Monday advocating for the addition to the platform. Their testimony and visible support for the issue bore fruit today when the issue came before the full Platform Committee.

After some vigorous debate by the committee members and the failure of a motion to strike the resolution from the final report, 2/3rds of the committee voted to move the plank forward to a full vote of the delegates at the convention.

TNM President Daniel Miller said this victory signals that momentum for Texas independence is continuing unabated.

“We have said this for years. The people of Texas want an open debate and a vote on the issue of independence. None more so than Texas Republicans.”

In addition to the TNM supporters that were advocating for the issue, the TNM gained new allies in the fight. Miller elaborates.

“We have met some great Texans at this convention who have no previous connection with the TNM but are firm in their belief that the best people to govern Texas are Texans.”

Those sentiments were echoed by Executive Director Nathan Smith.

“What has been great for our cause is the weak and extremely small amount of opposition at this convention to Texans having a vote on independence. It’s understandable when 55% of the RPT platform is dedicated to calling out the failures of and the excessive overreach of the Federal Government.”

The next step will be action by the permanent Platform Committee on Thursday followed by a full floor vote of the convention.

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