The Clock is Ticking: Act Now to Support Crucial Texas Independence Bills

As time runs out in the current legislative session, your actions can significantly impact several key bills related to the political, cultural, and economic independence of Texas. These bills have made progress through the legislative process but require your support to ensure they are scheduled for a reading on the floor of the house.

House Calendars Committee 

If you can make it to Austin, you have an insider advantage when it comes to bills requiring action from the House Calendars committee. Visit the offices of the committee members and fill out the green (for bills you want scheduled) and red (for bills you don’t want scheduled) half-page cards available there. You’ll need some personal information, the bill number, and a brief description of why you support or oppose the bill. 

The following bills have passed the House committees and need scheduling for a reading on the floor of the House. Please call the committee members and ask them to support an immediate reading of the bills.

  • Rep Dustin Burrows – Chair 512-463-0542
  • Rep Toni Rose – Vice Chair 512-463-0664
  • Rep David Cook 512-463-0374
  • Rep Charlie Geren 512-463-0610
  • Rep Cole Hefner 512-463-0271
  • Rep Ana Hernendez 512-463-0614
  • Rep Ann Johnson 512-463-0384
  • Rep Jared Patterson 512-463-0694
  • Rep Shelby Slawson 512-463-0628
  • Rep James Talarico 512-463-0821
  • Rep Ed Thompson 512-463-0707

Bills Requiring Action

We’ve summarized the purpose and importance of each bill below. These bills are crucial for protecting the economic independence of Texans, ensuring fair and transparent elections, and promoting the overall vision of Texas independence.

HB 4903

Digital Gold Currency: Develop a digital currency backed by gold and silver in the Texas Gold Depository

SB 1070

Interstate Voter Registration Check: Develop a statewide voter registration system and cooperate with other states to prevent voters on the voter rolls that are not eligible to vote in Texas

SB 1661

Central Ballot Scanning: Require all centralized ballot scanning machines to be single write data only

SB 1039

Contest Election Irregularities: Develops a process for a candidate, election judge, county chair, state chair, or SPAC can file an official complaint of an election irregularity

HB 2770

Reduce Election Court Case Delays: Formally exempt election cases from long delays caused by defense attorneys attempting to use Anti-SLAPP and the Texas Citizen Participation Act on cases not within their intended scope

Call to Action

HJR 146 and SJR 67 are proposed constitutional amendments of particular importance. They protect the economic freedom of Texas by adding a statement to the Texas Bill of Rights, ensuring our natural right to use our currency of choice, whether it’s precious metals, other currencies, or digital/crypto solutions. 

The Senate version of this bill is stuck in the Business and Commerce Committee in the Senate and may provide an alternate path if the house is stalled. Please call all the members and ask them to give this bill a hearing right away.

List of Senate Committee Members and Contact Information

  • Sen Charles Schwertner – Chair 512-463-0105
  • Sen Phil King – Vice Chair 512-463-0110
  • Sen Brian Birdwell 512-463-0122
  • Sen Donna Campbell 512-463-0125
  • Sen Brandon Creighton 512-463-0104
  • Sen Nathan Johnson 512-463-0116
  • Sen Lois Kolkhorst 512-463-0118
  • Sen Jose Menendez 512-463-0126
  • Sen Mayes Middleton 512-463-0111
  • Sen Robert Nichols 512-463-0103
  • Sen Judith Zaffirini 512-463-0121

Additional Bills Requiring Support

Several other bills have passed the committee stage and are waiting to be heard on the Senate floor or have been referred to the House State Affairs Committee or House Elections Committee. These bills are essential to secure the economic independence of Texas and ensure fair and transparent elections. Please call the relevant representatives and senators, urging them to act on these bills.

List of Bills and Contact Information for Relevant Representatives/Senators

SB 1927

State Prosecuting Attorney for Elections: Prosecute election violations at the state level  if the local District Attorney refuses

Request placement on the Senate Intent Calendar so that it can be heard on the Senate floor.  

Dan Patrick – Lieutenant Governor 512-463-0001

SB 330

Texas Grid Security: Creates the Texas Grid Security Commission

Please call the members of the House State Affairs Committee and ask for a hearing this week.

  • Rep Todd Hunter – Chair 512-463-0672
  • Rep Ana Hernandez – Vice Chair 512-463-0672
  • Rep Rafael Anchia 512-463-0746
  • Rep Jay Dean 512-463-0750
  • Rep Charlie Geren 512-463-0610
  • Rep Ryan Guillen 512-463-0416
  • Rep Will Metcalf 512-463-0726
  • Rep Richard Raymond 512-463-0558
  • Rep Shelby Slawson 512-463-0628
  • Rep John Smithee 512-463-0702
  • Rep David Spiller 512-463-0526
  • Rep Senfronia Thompson 512-463-0720
  • Rep Chris Turner 512-463-0574

SB 990

Elimination of countywide polling places

SB 220

Emergency Election Courts: Requires an election law violation to be heard by a judge in 3 hours during early voting and one hour on election day

Please contact all the members of the House Elections Committee and ask them to pass these bills immediately.

  • Rep Reggie Smith – Chair 512-463-0297
  • Rep John Bucy III – Vice Chair 512-463-0696
  • Rep Dustin Burrows 512-463-0542
  • Rep Giovanni Capriglione 512-463-0690
  • Rep Mano DeAyala 512-463-0514
  • Rep Christian Manuel 512-463-0662
  • Rep Eddie Morales 512-463-0566
  • Rep Valoree Swanson 512-463-0572
  • Rep Hubert Vo 512-463-0568

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