Unlocking Texas’ Economic Potential: How SB2334 and HB4903 Can Pave the Way for TEXIT

As proud Texans and TEXIT supporters, we are passionate about our state’s right to self-determination and independence. Today, we have a vital opportunity to take a significant step towards securing our financial future while laying the groundwork for a self-governing, independent Texas. 

The Texas Legislature is currently considering two groundbreaking bills, Senate Bill 2334 (SB2334) and its House companion, House Bill 4903 (HB4903), which have the potential to revolutionize how Texans manage their finances while also bolstering our state’s economy. We urge you to support these bills and help make Texas the “gold capital” of the world and a shining example of economic independence.

The Texas Bullion Depository, established in 2018, is already an essential part of our state’s financial infrastructure. It has the potential to be a global leader in the gold market. However, current laws limit the Depository’s ability to serve customers effectively. SB2334 and HB4903 aim to change that, making gold more accessible and usable for everyday Texans, while generating much-needed revenue for our state.

By supporting these bills, we can empower Texans to buy, store, and spend gold easily, just like cash or other digital payment methods. Combining the safety and security of the Texas Bullion Depository with the convenience of modern ATMs and debit cards, this legislation will benefit not only Texans but also Americans across the country. This financial independence will be crucial when Texas becomes a self-governing, independent nation, as it would provide a stable, alternative currency backed by a tangible asset.

The implications of SB2334 and HB4903 for the TEXIT movement are profound. These bills will not only strengthen our economy but also demonstrate our state’s ability to manage its financial affairs independently, a critical component of a self-governing nation. By establishing a robust, gold-backed financial system, Texas can assert its economic independence and inspire confidence in its citizens and the global community.

These companion bills are constitutional, as they adhere to Article 1, Section 10 of the US Constitution. They provide Texans with a safe, secure, and fair way to access and transact with gold, bringing the benefits of precious metal ownership to all, regardless of their economic status. Additionally, the state of Texas can earn revenue from small transaction fees, without imposing new taxes on its citizens.

As Texans and TEXIT supporters, we must seize this opportunity to make a bold statement about our state’s commitment to independence and financial sovereignty. The passage of SB2334 and HB4903 will send a powerful message to the rest of the country and the world that Texas is ready and capable of charting its own course. This accomplishment will be a testament to the Texas Nationalist Movement’s mission and the TEXIT movement, which seeks to protect and promote our state’s rights and values.

We urge you to contact your representatives, discuss the importance of these bills with your friends and family, and lend your voice to this crucial cause. By embracing this innovative financial solution, we can help combat inflation, secure our financial future, and make Texas a trailblazer in the global gold market.

Together, we can make history by supporting SB2334 and HB4903. Stand with us, stand with TEXIT, and let’s secure a brighter future for Texas and its citizens as we move closer to becoming a self-governing, independent nation.

But we cannot achieve this without your support. We need you to act now and urge our legislators to hear and pass these crucial bills.

For the Senate, SB 2334:

Step 1: Contact Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, Senator Hughes, and Chairwoman of the Finance Committee, Senator Huffman. Call and email them, urging them to push SB2334 to be heard in the Finance Committee next week.

Lt. Gov Dan Patrick: 512-463-0001 | [email protected]

Senator Bryan Hughes: 512-463-0101 | [email protected]

Senator Joan Huffman: 512-463-0117 | [email protected]

Step 2: Email the entire Senate Finance Committee Members. Ask them to hear SB2334 and vote it out of committee immediately.

For the House Bill Companion, HB4903:

As time is running out, we need to act simultaneously in both Chambers.

Step 1: Contact Chairman of the House State Affairs Committee, Representative Todd Hunter. Call and email him, urging him to push HB4903 to be heard in the State Affairs Committee next week.

Representative Todd Hunter: 512-463-0672 | [email protected]

Step 2: Email the entire House State Affairs Committee Members. Ask them to hear HB4903 and vote it out of committee immediately.

If your Senator or your Representative serves on either of these committees, make sure to identify yourself as a constituent in THEIR DISTRICT. It matters.

Texans, this is our moment to make a difference. We need your help to ensure that these essential bills are heard and passed. Together, we can secure a brighter future for Texas and move closer to our goal of becoming a self-governing, independent nation. Don’t wait – act now, and let’s make history!

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