I just had a conversation with the Ian Oldaker, the Chief Operations Officer of The Alamo. He has received a massive number of phone calls from TNM supporters, including calls from some State Legislators. Several points about the nature of our memorial and the mission of our organization have been clarified and the lines of communication are now open. We both expressed our commitment to seeing The Alamo properly memorialized. Our conversation was productive and we have charted a path to move forward with the TNM’s monthly Alamo Memorial March. 

I believe that this is an opportunity to remind everyone that the mission of the TNM is not solely political. Our commitment to the preservation and defense of Texas history and culture is a key component of who we are and what we do. That includes properly memorializing the defenders of The Alamo. We will be working with Mr. Oldaker to continue the Alamo Memorial March and look for additional opportunities to expand our activities in relation to The Alamo.

I want to thank everyone who took the time to make their voices heard on this issue. Further, I encourage those within the San Antonio area who would like to participate in the march, to contact the Captain of the Alamo Guard, Chris Jacka, at or call 800-662-1836.


For nearly four years, every second Saturday of every month, the Texas Nationalist Movement’s Alamo Guard has solemnly and silently laid a wreath of yellow roses at the door of the Alamo chapel to honor and commemorate the slain who bravely fought and fell defending the Alamo and the Republic of Texas. Now, if the recently employed Chief Operations Officer at the Alamo complex has his way, TNM will no longer be allowed honor the heroes of Texas in this way.

On the afternoon of Saturday, February 11th, while beginning their march to the door of the Alamo, Chris Jacka, the Captain of the Alamo Guard, and company were stopped by an apologetic member of the Alamo Rangers, saying that the decision had been made by COO Ian Oldaker to disallow TNM from placing a wreath at the Alamo chapel. This came as a great surprise to Mr. Jacka, as this arrangement has been in effect for many years. In fact, initially TNM only marched to the Alamo Plaza, and it was the Alamo Rangers that arranged special permission for us to march closer to the chapel to place the wreath at the chapel door. However, the new Mr. Oldaker decided to ban the practice, including placing the wreath, after (according to sources) a pro-Trump political group, when denied permission to have a political demonstration on the Alamo grounds, complained about the TNM ceremony as an example of a “double standard”.

To set the record straight, the TNM’s purpose in holding these ceremonies is not political, but cultural. The Alamo Guard makes no speeches. Rather it renders silent honors to the dead in remembrance of their sacrifice and celebration of our heritage as Texans. The Alamo Guard, bearing the flag of Texas, marches in, lays the wreath, stands in silence, and then marches out. To call such an act a “political statement” is an unconscionable reach in logic as to place everything under suspicion for being a political act.

Needless to say, the Texas Nationalist Movement is going to challenge this. The Alamo defenders will be honored. If necessary, we will fall back to our original spot of in the plaza, on public property. Then we’ll test just how far Mr. Oldaker is willing to go in preventing our memorial to fallen Texans. Hopefully, those in his chain of command can correct his error and reinstate our inoffensive and cherished tradition. It’s a shame that Mr. Oldaker’s short time living in Texas hasn’t educated him on how important tradition, history, and honoring sacrifice are to the people of Texas. If such things are a problem for him, then perhaps he should go back to his native New York where they’re much more appreciative of cynicism, and leave the Alamo to more capable and appreciative hands.

We urge everyone to call the office at The Alamo at (210) 225-1391 and ask Mr. Oldaker what he has against Texans who want to memorialize the fallen at the Shrine of Texas Liberty.

For information on the next march:

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