Federal and UN Takeover of the Alamo Begins

Federal and UN Takeover of the Alamo Begins

The Texas Nationalist Movement sounded the alarm on the new Battle of the Alamo many years ago. We warned that the Alamo was in danger on nearly every front. Now, our worst nightmare is unfolding.

Back in 2014, we publicly warned Texans that there was a push to have the Alamo added to the World Heritage program of the United Nations. In those warnings, we were very specific as to the danger of Texas and Texans losing control over the Alamo. For these warnings, we were labeled as fringe, alarmist, and dead wrong. The Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson and then his predecessor, George P. Bush, went on the record and publicly assured people that Texans would always retain control over the Alamo.

Newly released documents, obtained through the Texas Public Information Act, have confirmed that the TNM was right all along.

The highly controversial “Reimagining The Alamo” project, a $450 million overhaul of the Alamo complex, has drawn the attention of UNESCO. As we predicted, that has led to UNESCO connecting with their partners in the Federal Government at the National Park Service. Now the National Park Service is asserting their authority under the UNESCO treaty to insert themselves into the process.

According to the released correspondence, the Federal Government is flexing their muscles by reminding the General Land Office of their “affirmative responsibility to notify the Centre [for Information of UNESCO] about planned work that could affect the Outstanding Universal Value of the World Heritage Site.” This is the first step in asserting their right to veto or demand changes to the Alamo.

This occurs on the heels of the passage of the biennial budget by the Texas Legislature where the General Land Office was written a $75 million “blank check” out of the Rainy Day Fund for the “reimagination” of the Alamo with virtually no transparency on where the money is going.

Unless there is a public outcry to the Governor to add removal of the Alamo from the World Heritage program to his call for a special session or a bill next session to do the same, then Texans can expect the worst.

The Alamo will be “reimagined” and the story will be told in the way that the Federal Government and the United Nations want it, there will be nothing you can do about it, and you will pay for all of it.

The Alamo should always be preserved as the “Cradle of Texas Liberty” and its fate and the story that it tells should never be placed in the hands of those who are not Texans.

The released documents are below. Click here to the JOIN THE TNM and join us in our fight for the Alamo. It’s never too late.

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