Representative Biedermann Files Bill To Protect Texas Monuments

Representative Biedermann Files Bill To Protect Texas Monuments

Today, Representative Kyle Biedermann (Fredericksburg) filed House Bill 2648 to protect monuments across the State of Texas. It is the companion of Senate Bill 226 by Senator Pat Fallon. Activist groups are pressuring local governments to remove monuments and memorials, and to rename streets and schools, etc. These actions are becoming more common every day.

Representative Biedermann said, “The minute we allow monuments to be taken down, on the altar of political correctness, we begin to erase our history. We cannot learn as a society when deny our past by picking and choosing what we feel comfortable in remembering.”

Texans are growing increasingly frustrated as we see monuments taken down in the dark of night without public input. That is why this legislation is necessary. Today, it is the sacred Cenotaph of the Alamo Defenders. Tomorrow it will be other monuments and memorials dedicated to the Texas Revolution, WWII, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. There are dozens of examples of war memorials across America being destroyed. We cannot let this lunacy gain a foothold in Texas.

“Texans of all backgrounds should unite to protect and preserve our history. These fights will not end with Civil War monuments, mark my words. Those seeking to sanitize our history have just begun” said Representative Biedermann.

The TNM is proud to have worked to get this legislation filed with the Cenotaph Loophole closed and with additional protections for our historical markers and monuments. There is still work to do to get this from filing to passage. If you care about defending the Alamo and helping the TNM preserve Texas history, let us know by becoming a member of the TNM. Help us fight this fight.

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