This Alamo Billboard Was Too Controversial To Be Seen

Alamo billboard censored

This Alamo Billboard Was Too Controversial To Be Seen

A TNM billboard to raise awareness for the current dangers surrounding the Alamo was slated to go up in 77 locations throughout Texas this week. That was until it’s message was deemed “too controversial”.

The billboard, featuring a picture of the iconic Alamo church, asked a simple question: “What monuments will they destroy next?” It also featured a link to the TNM’s campaign page dedicated to the fight to preserve the Alamo.

This Alamo billboard was deemed too controversial to post.
A mockup of the TNM’s Alamo billboard that was rejected for being “politically negative”.

Within hours of submission, we received a notification that the billboard had been rejected by the company (Blip Billboards) with no further explanation. On Monday, we started digging to find out exactly why. The billboard had been deemed “too controversial” and “politically negative”.

Cities are on fire. Monuments are being destroyed. The Alamo Cenotaph has been defaced. The Alamo itself is under 24-hour guard by State and local law enforcement and surrounding by barricades to prevent its destruction. Behind the scenes, and even greater than the threat caused by destructive protests, is the current “Reimagining of the Alamo” that threatens to destroy its very meaning from within.

Yet, a simple question posed by the TNM was “too controversial” and “politically negative”.

While real controversies rage and political negativity is given a permanent home in the 24-hour news cycle, the usual methods of raising awareness for issues that actually matter to Texans are closing off. For fear of upsetting the establishment politicians or running afoul of the latest prophets of political correctness, there are those who would seek to silence us.

The TNM will not be silenced. Now, more than ever, we will have to rely on our members to break the wall of silence. Frankly, we love a challenge. How about you?

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