TNM Calls on RPT Chairman to Rein In Bush Over Alamo

TNM Calls on RPT Chairman to Rein In Bush Over Alamo

The controversy surrounding the Alamo just escalated and Land Commissioner George P. Bush could see a new opponent across the battle lines – his own party.

Daniel Miller, President of the Texas Nationalist Movement, penned an official request to the Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, James Dickey, to publicly clarify the party’s stance on the Alamo issues. Additionally, he calls for the Chairman to go on-the-record regarding the party’s responsibilities in the face of Bush’s flagrant disregard of his party’s platform. According to the TNM President, it’s well past time for the party to take a stand on this issue.

“We are months beyond the Republican convention which saw the addition of a plank to the platform that took a strong position regarding the Alamo. Since then, Bush has accelerated his plan to move the Cenotaph and implement a plan to reimagine the Alamo in direct opposition to this plank. The party has remained officially silent on the matter. It’s time that they go on the record regarding one of their own that has obviously gone rogue.”

Miller believes that the party should take an active role in reining in one of their own.

“As an organization, the TNM is expected to answer for any action by anyone who even remotely advocates positions similar to ours, whether they are actually a member or not. Bush officially carries the ‘Republican’ label and, therefore, the Republican Party of Texas should be called to account for the actions of someone who is unquestionably one of their own.”

The full text of the letter can be seen below.


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