Leander: The Future Fort Knox of Texas

Leander: The Future Fort Knox of Texas

It’s been decided! The Texas Bullion Depository is going to be located in the city of Leander.

Though, according to an article from Community Impact, the actual location is not being released for security considerations, Leander will play host to the very first gold depository that isn’t administered by the federal government.

For those in the Texas Nationalist Movement, this is a great moment. It’s not just that having such a depository is useful as a hedge against the foolish and destructive fiscal policies of the United States, but also because it is a major stepping stone on our way to establishing Texas’ economic independence.

In the years to come, it may be said that the creation of the Texas Bullion Depository was a crucial step in buttressing the economy of Texas for the time when the bottom fell out of the U.S. economy from their massive and compulsive borrowing, spending, and money printing.

The Texas Bullion Depository: yet another reason Texas doesn’t need Washington!

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