TNM Schedules First Volunteer Leadership School

TNM Schedules First Volunteer Leadership School

In preparation for the next phase of the fight for Texas independence, the Texas Nationalist Movement is about to launch the largest effort in its history to engage the people of Texas on the issue of independence.

The Texian Volunteer Corps will be officially launching in the first quarter of 2018 and, once launched, will be organizing pro-independence volunteers throughout Texas to conduct block walking events, set up information tables, and more.

However, in advance of the official launch, the TNM is recruiting and training leaders from its membership and will hosting the first TVC Leadership School in January.

TNM President Daniel Miller had this to say on the launch.

“Over the past two years we have had over 5000 Texans volunteer to work in their local communities to help us connect with more Texans. The creation and launch of the Texian Volunteer Corps marks our increased commitment to create one of the largest, most organized, and most effective independence volunteer organizations in the world. With the TVC, we can achieve our goal of reaching the number of pro-independence Texans necessary to get and win a binding referendum on Texas independence.”

If you would like to enlist in the Texian Volunteer Corps and apply for the leadership school, please visit

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