< }}” alt=”badnarik-bio.jpg” width=”200″ />Michael Badnarik, author, constitutional scholar and the 2004 Libertarian Party nominee for President of the United States, has officially joined the fight for Texas independence.

As the newest member of the Texas Nationalist Movement’s speakers bureau, he will be criss-crossing Texas engaging and educating audiences on the legal aspects of Texas becoming an independent nation.

Badnarik brings his 35 years of study of the Constitution, the founding fathers, and the history of the American Revolution to the fight for Texas independence.

Groups and organizations all over Texas are already familiar with Badnarik through his book “Good To Be King” which is used as the text for his eight-hour class on the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Organizations can request Michael Badnarik or any of the TNM’s other speakers at this link: http://thetnm.org/speakers

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