< }}” alt=”texas-pledge-social.png” width=”250″ />A fixture in previous election cycles, the 2016 version of the Texas Independence Pledge is bringing with it a few changes.

The pledge was previously only available as a paper form. Starting in 2016, the TNM will also accept digital submissions at http://thetnm.org/texaspledge.

In addition, the pledge is expanding beyond state-level offices and will be available to candidates for any elected office in Texas including those at the county and local level as well as positions in political parties.

The expansion to accommodate local offices has also brought another major change. Starting in 2016, the Texas Independence Pledge will be a year-round endeavor.

We encourage all of our supporters to reach out to their candidate of choice and ask them to pledge their support for Article 1 Sections 1 & 2 of the Texas Constitution at http://thetnm.org/texaspledge or download the pledge form and get them to sign it. Let them know that it is a voting issue for you.

We also encourage our supporters to personally pledge their vote for Texas independence here: http://thetnm.org/vote

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