by TNM Staff

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STATEMENT: TNM President Demands Apology For Slur From Senator Rodriguez

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The following is a statement from Texas Nationalist Movement President Daniel Miller on the claim by Senator José Rodríguez that the TNM is a “white nationalist” organization.

“Today Senator Rodriguez crossed the line when he referred to the Texas Nationalist Movement as a ‘white nationalist organization’ on the floor of the Texas Senate. His statement is ignorant and bigoted and requires a public apology to all members of the TNM.”

“Not only did he assume my personal ethnic background, he also insulted all 381,484 declared supporters of the TNM, no matter their ethnicity. We are proud that the demographics of our organization more closely represent that of Texas as a whole than either major political party, including his.”

“I am calling on Senator Rodriguez to take to the floor of the Senate and renounce his ill-informed bigotry through a public and sincere apology.”

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