TNM Statement on Amazon’s Shadowban of TEXIT Book

TNM Statement on Amazon’s Shadowban of TEXIT Book

The following is a statement from Texas Nationalist Movement President Daniel Miller on Amazon’s alleged shadowban of the book “TEXIT: Why and How Texas Will Leave The Union”.

NEDERLAND, TEXAS – On Thursday, Defiance Press, the publisher of the book TEXIT: Why and How Texas Will Leave The Union released a statement challenging Amazon to publicly explain their actions that effectively shadowbanned the book for nearly six weeks. TNM President Daniel Miller, the author of TEXIT, released the following statement:

I am deeply concerned and angered by the information that has come to light in the last six weeks regarding Amazon’s actions toward my book. While I found their actions unusual, I was not alarmed until the publisher and distributor began their investigation and found that these irregularities strongly indicated a political motive and a long-term attempt to kill the TEXIT book.

The Texas Nationalist Movement is very familiar with attempts to muzzle our message and have had to deal with dozens of such attempts over the years. Just this year alone we have dealt with Facebook hiding our posts, removing page fans, and suspending our advertising account as well as Twitter repeatedly removing thousands of followers from all of our accounts. These actions have intensified since the release of the book.

This is nothing less than a systematic attempt to put an end to any debate or discussion about the fundamental brokenness of the federal system, the detrimental effects of the federal union on Texans, and any rational discussion about restoring the right of self-government to the people of Texas.

Amazon’s virtual “book burning” cannot stand unchallenged. We have consulted with legal counsel over the last week and are exploring all of our options and intend to fully support whatever actions are taken by Defiance Press. In the meantime, we will continue to rally our supporters to take action every time their ability to organize and communicate the message of Texas independence is threatened.

Amazon is just the latest tech behemoth that believes they can put a muzzle on the Texas Nationalist Movement. We will disabuse them of their fallacy as they have obviously forgotten the words of Sam Houston: “Texas has yet to learn submission to any oppression, come from what source it may.”

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