The following is a statement from TNM President Daniel Miller on today’s delivery of a letter to Attorney General Ken Paxton calling for an investigation into George P. Bush’s handling of the Alamo.

“Today I sent a letter to the office of Attorney General Ken Paxton calling for a formal investigation into the handling of the Alamo by Land Commissioner George P. Bush.

Since the Texas Nationalist Movement sounded the alarm on the irregularities regarding the management of the Alamo several years ago, a broad and diverse group of voices have also stepped forward to express their concerns and ask important questions. All have been frustrated in their efforts to get answers from Commissioner Bush, the General Land Office, and all of those connected to the ‘Reimagine The Alamo’ project. In addition, the recently leaked internal audit from the General Land Office alludes to potentially illegal actions taken by Commissioner Bush and the General Land Office.

This lack of transparency and accountability from a government agency undermines the very principles that cost over 180 Texans their lives at The Alamo in 1836. It seems unlikely that Texans will ever get the answers that they deserve if Commissioner Bush is allowed to police his own agency. Therefore, I have taken the first step in demanding accountability from Bush and his office by calling on our Attorney General to open this investigation. I am calling on every Texan who shares our concern for the Alamo to contact the Attorney General’s office and echo our demand.”

You can read the letter in full at this link:

You can sign the petition by clicking here.

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