TNM Statement on El Paso Mass Shooting

The following is a statement from TNM President Daniel Miller on the tragic mass shooting in El Paso:

In El Paso tonight, families are grieving for one of their own that will not be coming home. In the days and months to come their loss will be magnified by an empty chair at the dinner table, a phone call that never comes, or a life’s milestone that will never be reached. 

A community has been wounded and left with a scar that will take years to heal. As El Paso grieves, all Texans grieve.

Over the next weeks and months Texans will grapple with how best to address the issues brought to the front by a tragedy such as this one . Prayers, sympathy, and commiserations from everyone inside and outside of Texas is appreciated. Politicization, judgement, and insertion into our lives from those who are not Texans is inappropriate and unwelcome and those who would do so are opportunistic and amoral.

Let Texans take time to grieve. Then let Texans work on a solution that respects our right to protect ourselves, our families, our communities, and our state and does not turn all Texans into victims.

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Ken Herringshaw
Ken Herringshaw

My wife and I have lived in and out of Texas since 2010. We are currently out but do have intentions of moving back. Mass shootings anywhere are indeed tragic. Historically, shootings including mass shootings occur in communities that openly brag about being “gun-free”. I am not aware of Texas having “gun-free” communities. However, if Texas does have “gun-free” communities, is El Paso one of them? I heard this statement regarding guns over 50 years ago and I’m sure anyone reading this message has heard it many times as well. “When guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns.” Why… Read more »

Bp. J. David McGuire, DD
Bp. J. David McGuire, DD

Why is everyone disarming themselves on the threat of a misdemeanor trespassing complaint? If you are entering a court house or other government building, you will normally have armed security personnel there to protect you. But if you’re in a shopping mall or department store, you are lucky to have an overweight donut disposal machine huffing his way around carrying MAYBE a nightstick and a pepper-spray canister. It is time that law-abiding people who carry to start disregarding the “GUN-FREE-VICTIM-ZONE” signs and take back the responsibility of free persons everywhere to defend ourselves, our loved ones, and our neighbors. And… Read more »

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