The following is a statement from the Texas Nationalist Movement on how TEXIT will prevent more “Santa Fe-style” mass shootings.

HOUSTON, TX — On Friday, May. 18, another horrific massacre claimed the lives of 9 children while they attended school. TNM President Daniel Miller believes “criminal negligence by federal law enforcement to justify mass gun grabs” in Texas is behind the bloodshed.

“Santa Fe and Sutherland Springs are both symptoms of a much larger problem: criminal negligence by federal law enforcement to justify mass gun grabs. The U.S. government is an ‘accessory’ to mass murder and TEXIT is the only real solution,” Miller contends.

“The Feds are not just lying down on the job. They are actively creating opportunities for violence and even arming the killers,” Miller continued.


Want proof the Feds arm killers? Here are some examples:

  • The last administration sent truckloads of untraceable guns to Mexico that were used to kill Texans in several recent crimes.
  • Omar Mateen worked for DHS, received a national security clearance and weapons training despite being under investigation by the FBI for terror ties for two years
  • The Fort Hood shooter was known to be an al Qaeda operative by the FBI. They left him alone.


Most in the political class will use today’s tragic shooting as an opportunity to virtue signal, about how compassionate they are. But the truly compassionate thing is to identify the problem, and solve it — so that more Texas students aren’t gunned down while getting an education.

And the truth is, TEXIT is the only way that Texas can bring our full resources to take action that will stop tragedies like Santa Fe.

Mass murder is becoming too normal, and death is too frequently a talking point for opportunists cynically selling gun control. Guns are not the problem. The U.S. government is the problem.

Texan lives matter. We will not allow further crimes of inaction to claim our children.

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