The Texas Nationalist Movement applauds Governor Abbott’s decision on the call for a special session. There are many issues that were part of his call that are important to Texans and the inability of the Texas Legislature to come to terms on these issues is inexcusable.

However, there are many issues that are extremely important to Texans that were left out of the call and deserve to either be added or to have an additional special session called to address them.

Given the current political, legal, and social climate in Texas and the rest of the United States, there are three pieces of legislation that should have been declared emergency items by the Governor and added to the special session. These are the Texas Independence Referendum Act, the Texas Sovereignty Act, and the Texas Hero Protection Act.

The Texas Independence Referendum Act would give the people of Texas a free and open debate and vote on our status within the union. The Texas Sovereignty Act would create a real system for Texas to resist unconstitutional Federal actions. The Texas Hero Protection Act would ensure that the current madness of erasing history that has gripped other states will not happen in Texas.

These are issues for which the TNM advocated vigorously during the session on behalf of millions of Texans and the Texas Legislature failed to deliver for the people of Texas. These issues are timely and, in the absence of action by the State of Texas, will only become more pressing and critical in the days and weeks to come.

We have communicated this request directly to the Governor’s office and look forward to action on these matters or a public explanation as to why he feels the sovereignty of Texas and the preservation of our history and heritage is not worthy of action.

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