In response to today’s results on the Puerto Rico statehood vote, Daniel Miller, President of the Texas Nationalist Movement, has issued the following statement.

Since 1993, the people of Puerto Rico have gone to the polls and been asked to sound off on their relationship within the United States. With a resounding whimper, 23% of the electorate turned out to deliver a result in favor of statehood.

Sensing an opportunity to shift the electoral balance of the Federal union, over the past several weeks, we have been treated to an onslaught of pro-statehood propaganda from the media. This effort has been created with one single goal – soften the people to accept Puerto Rico as the 51st state.

Adding Puerto Rico to the union comes with a hefty $73 billion price tag that hard-working Texans will be forced to pay the lion’s share. This is unacceptable.

In the wake of serious discussions taking place in Washington over bringing Puerto Rico into the union, the TNM believes that it is past time to honor the wishes of the people of Texas and reevaluate our relationship in the union through an independence referendum. If Puerto Rico can determine their future with the blessing of the Federal bureaucracy, then Texas deserves no less.

Therefore, we are calling on Governor Abbott to add the Texas Independence Referendum Act to the current call for a special session or call a separate session on the issue. The people of Texas deserve better than to be saddled with an additional billions of dollars of debt. We deserve the same right exercised by the people of Puerto Rico to reevaluate our relationship within the union and the opportunity to choose independence.

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