The following is a statement from Texas Nationalist Movement President Daniel Miller on the recent Supreme Court ruling in North Carolina v. Packingham.

Today the Supreme Court of the United States issued a ruling in the case of North Carolina v. Packingham which struck down a law that barred sex offenders from utilizing social media including services which allow access to minors.

This ruling will also overturn a law, passed by the Texas Legislature, which is substantially similar to the North Carolina law.

The Federal Government, through the Supreme Court, has disregarded the legitimate desire and express will of the people to protect children from pedophiles and has provided convicted pedophiles unfettered access to a pool of potential new victims. With the stroke of a pen, nine black-robed Federal bureaucrats have placed the rights of pedophiles above the rights of the people of Texas.

This is not the union envisioned by its founders and it is not a union that Texas can continue to support. It is time that the people of Texas had a real choice as to whether or not we wish to continue as part of this union that places pedophiles ahead of people and, especially, children.

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