The following is a statement from the Texas Nationalist Movement on Trump’s renewal of his DACA amnesty offer during last night’s state of the union address.

During Trump’s State of the Union address to congress, the President had the following to say about his previously offered bill to legitimize the Obama administration’s unconstitutional DACA program:

“Based on [previous bi-partisan] discussions, we presented the Congress with a detailed proposal that should be supported by both parties as a fair compromise — one where nobody gets everything they want, but where our country gets the critical reforms it needs.”

He later added on this and his general immigration reform ideas, “So let us come together, put politics aside, and finally get the job done.”

The details of the current would-be agreement are these: In exchange for 25 billion dollars in border security and an end to chain migration /visa-lottery program, Trump will allow 1.8 million illegal immigrants (an expansion of Obama’s original DACA program numbers) legal status with a pathway to citizenship.

The problems with this compromise are three: 1) this is not at all what Trump promised to do, 2) a fund for border security is not the same as a law saying “there shall be a wall,” and 3) the length of time for chain migration to end will likely span decades. Quick action, or at least action on a smaller time table, is what’s necessary to deal with this problem. Assuming that the Democrats are willing to accept less than abject surrender (which they foresee-ably aren’t), by giving such a huge amount of time to fulfill such a weakly-worded bill, it almost guarantees that it will never substantially happen. A future congress will negate it, ignore it, re-appropriate it, and it will remain a problem with little ground gained.

The best hope for Texas to deal with its border crisis remains in total independence from Washington. Reinvested with full sovereignty, Texas could directly address this problem in a quick fashion, in keeping with the best of Texas values. If we choose to wait on Washington (who has an interest that this continues to be an issue important to voters) to solve it for us, we will never see anything approaching a solution. For a secure border in our lifetime, Texas independence now!


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