The following is a statement from Texas Nationalist Movement Communications Director Ryan Thorson regarding the announcement that Speaker of the House Joe Straus will not be running for reelection.

It is with hope for the future of an independent Texas that the Texas Nationalist Movement is pleased to hear of the announcement of the departure of Joe Straus from his congressional seat in Bexar County and his position as the Texas Speaker of the House.

Yesterday, in an announcement on Facebook, Straus made public his plans to only serve out his term and not seek reelection. Although he didn’t say it, this decision was likely prompted by the massive opposition to his leadership that had been breaking out in the Republican Party all over Texas, from the rank and file to the Governor’s mansion.

Straus will be followed into retirement by Byron Cook, who also announced his forth-coming departure. Straus was preceded by Tom Mechler, who recently vacated the chair of the RPT. All over Texas, it seems that the Republican establishment is dissolving.

This is a great day for Texas. As Straus represented one of the last big obstacles to getting a referendum on Texas independence, his departure hastens the day when we can at last be free from the federal yoke.

Although finding a suitable occupant for the speaker’s chair is the next order of business, one that will not stand in the way of the will of the Texas people, still things are looking up.

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