< }}” alt=”default-article-img.png” width=”250″ />Long-time volunteer and leader in the Texas Nationalist Movement, Regina Cowan, has formally accepted the role of Volunteer Director for the organization.

Cowan, who has served over the years as a County Coordinator, Regional Director and District Director in the TNM, has most recently been serving as the interim Volunteer Director. This week she formally accepted the role moving forward.

“Over the last couple of months I’ve gotten to connect with a large number of enthusiastic, Texas-loving, independence-minded people,” Cowan said of her tenure so far.

“I go to sleep every night wondering what else I can do to help Texas gain our independence and I wake up every morning ready to get to work on getting it done.”

Cowan, who has been no stranger to working as a local volunteer, says that her experience there helps her connect with new volunteers.

“I’ve been volunteering in the TNM for many years now. I’ve gone from just helping out occasionally as a volunteer to being a County Coordinator, to Regional Director to District Director and now Volunteer Director. At every step, I was scared to death. I still get a little shaky to this day. My very first meeting I held as a County Coordinator I was shaking so badly, physically and mentally I thought for sure people would walk out of my meeting. But, they didn’t. They sat there and listened to my shaky, broken up voice because they believed in Texas Independence and knew I had to as well or I wouldn’t have been up there in that shape. When you believe in something so strongly, each time you get out there it gets easier for you. I will never ask someone to do something that I haven’t already done or willing to do myself. This is why I think I can relate to our new volunteers and even our TNM veteran volunteers. When it comes down to it, I’m still just a volunteer like everyone else.”

TNM’s Executive Director Nate Smith had this to say about Cowan.

“Regina really excelled in this position, just as she has in her prior positions. Her passion and dedication to the cause was illustrated through the thousands of contacts she has already made to volunteers and she has been instrumental in expanding the number of trained petition circulators. Now that she has made the decision to stay on in this role, I’m excited to be a part of her approach to place and guide the thousands of additional volunteers that we will need moving forward on our way to getting and winning a binding referendum on Texas independence.”

You can become a volunteer here: http://thetnm.org/volunteer


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