In a move that serves as an indication of the future of the Texas Nationalist Movement, Nathan Smith, current Chief-of-Staff of the TNM has been appointed as the Executive Director of the organization.

Smith had previously served as the TNM’s Executive Director from 2011-2012.

“I’m excited about the direction of the TNM, especially in light of the growth of support for our movement over the past year,” Smith commented.

Smith is already lining out his priorities as Executive Director.

“My focus will be on orienting our supporters on the main mission – getting and winning a binding referendum on Texas independence. This means that we will be taking whatever steps necessary, as an organization, to make that happen.”

He goes on to say, “For the past year, the TNM has been in both a growth and transition phase. With the massive amount of support that has flooded into the TNM, the opportunities to get and win this referendum are greater than ever. But it presents a challenge when it happens in a transitional phase. It’s like building an airplane while in flight.”

“We’ve got a great team put together at the national level and we are already expanding it into every region of Texas. I’m looking forward to continuing the important work that we are doing.”

Smith is clear about the measure of success.

“Moving beyond the current petition campaign, we have to set our sights on the ultimate goal – winning a binding referendum on Texas independence. To win we need to identify 50% plus 1 ‘yes’ votes. That number is over 5.5 million. To do that we’ll need an army of thousands of volunteers helping us to engage voters in every city and town in Texas. Nothing less will get it done. The dream of an independent Texas is ready for those volunteers to carry it to reality. I encourage any Texan, regardless of their available time or talent, to volunteer today.”

To answer Smith’s call to volunteer for the TNM go to

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