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Nathan Smith, long-time Texas Nationalist Movement member and current Director of Finance, has been appointed as the Chief of Staff for the TNM.

As the Chief of Staff, Smith will be working with the Executive Director and other leadership in the TNM to direct, assist and guide the implementation of our mission. He will also work on the expansion of the national-level leadership.

Although he was the Director of Finance, Smith has already been assisting with and has played a pivotal role in preparing the organization for our next phase of growth.

Smith is characteristically “all business” about his appointment.

“We have a worthy goal and we owe it to Texans to be more effective at achieving it. I’m humbled to be called on to play such a high-level role in what comes next for the TNM. And I look forward to working with our President, Executive Director, the leaders and members of the TNM to bring our vision to life.”

Executive Director Daphne Armour is excited about what Smith is bringing to the fight.

“Nate is the consummate analyst and has a natural feel for the nuts and bolts of how the various parts of the organization should run. In this transitional phase of the TNM, his knowledge and experience are a tremendous asset to the organization, the leadership and the members.”

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