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I’m excited to accept the role of Executive Director in such an incredible time in the history of our movement. The success we have seen over the last year has been impressive. Today we are only weeks away from the completion of largest petition effort in our organization’s history and with our continued hard work we are closer than ever to seeing this issue on the ballot. It is during this exciting time that I get the pleasure of sharing with you the incredible answer to what is next for the Texas Nationalist Movement.

It is no surprise to those active in the organization that TNM is undergoing significant changes due to the tremendous growth we have had. However, underlying this growth has been a major pivot point that I want to share and celebrate with you today. For most of the decade that TNM has been in existence, it has been necessary to focus on encouraging and identifying 10% of Texans that have an unshakable belief in the benefit and necessity of an independent nation of Texas. Upon reaching that critical 10% tipping point, it is sociological theory that the majority of Texans will eventually adopt this view.

We have seen many positive manifestations along the way, but the strongest to date was a poll conducted by Reuters/IPSOS last September (2014). There was an interest to see how Americans felt about independence in light of Scotland finally having an opportunity to vote on their independence after an 800 year struggle. The results were astonishing. 1 in 4 Americans supported the idea of their State peacefully withdrawing from the federal government. Well that’s nice, but let’s talk Texans. While the infographic from Reuters lumped Texans in with the “southwest” indicating the strongest regional area of support at 34%, we looked deeper into the raw information available from the poll at the time to find out how this added up solely in Texas.

The numbers declared support from Republicans at a whopping 54% and from minorities at a very strong 41% regardless of political affiliation. Even more telling was that ONLY 43% of all Texans either tended to oppose the idea or were strongly opposed. This was evidence that a majority of Texans might already support independence!

The proof for me was when we took the issue to local events over the last 6 months and engaged folks on the issue Texan-to-Texan. Circulating the petition, numerous “hell yes” and “where do I sign” responses were given, a clear majority of Texans want to vote on the issue, and there is a significant group who might be in favor, but really want to have a fair discussion on the matter first. I have personally collected over 800 signatures so far, and of the people I engaged that were Texans about 70% of them signed the petition. I even met a lot of non-Texans who wanted to sign.

My experience along with many similar stories from fellow petition circulators was all the reassurance TNM needed that it is time to make the next major pivot of the organization. TNM is ready to proceed beyond the raw grassroots of building support for the issue.

It is now time for the campaign to begin.

The campaign is a major milestone. It is in this phase that we shift our focus from identifying the 10% of the folks that can help persuade a majority of Texans to vote in favor to identifying the “50% plus 1” votes in favor that it takes to win the binding referendum.

That’s right. From now on it is eyes on the prize. The prize, of course, is winning the binding referendum.

Here are some of the immediate key areas for success:

There is so much more that I am looking forward to sharing. This exciting time for TNM and Texas independence begs me to say this: If you have not had the chance to get active in the organization, now is the time! Don’t just volunteer, be a part of shaping the future of Texas. We know Texans should be the only ones deciding what is best for Texas, and to get there it is going to take Texans just like you and me giving our time and resources to making it happen. Will you join me in committing time and resources to see a peaceful vote on Texas independence?

I’m proud to contribute to the future of Texas as Executive Director of the Texas Nationalist Movement and I will continue to work toward bringing the inevitability of a politically, culturally, and economically independent Texas to an expedient vote.

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