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Independence Day in Texas

Independence Day or Fourth of July – The Truth About What You Are Celebrating

Are you a little more agitated and less tolerant of tyranny than usual on this July 4th holiday? You should be. That is especially true if you are a Texan. Let me begin by clearing up some common misconceptions. July 4th is celebrated as “Independence Day”. There is no holiday called the “Fourth of July”. It is also not “Second …

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Texans Have Rights, Too

George Floyd was a Texan. More importantly, he was a human. His death should have never happened. The video of his arrest is shocking and …

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I Am Terrified: An Economist’s Perspective

This pandemic scares me. Not the virus itself, but the global response to it. I am an economist by degree and an economics professor by …

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Texit Position Bolstered By Dennis Miller’s Call For A Breakup

Dennis Miller, comedian and political commentator, just waded into the issue of states exiting the union. His comments are bound to encourage Texit supporters and …

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Texas Supreme Court: COVID-19 Not An Excuse To Suspend Texas Constitution

The Texas Supreme Court issued a victory to Governor Greg Abbott last week. Or did they? All 16 Harris County misdemeanor judges, along with the …

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KVUE Declares TEXIT Illegal

SPIKED: The Media’s War On TEXIT

While the battle for an equal voice on social media platforms is grabbing all the headlines, there is a much older battle to control the …

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TNM Adds Brent Gleason To Team As General Counsel

The Texas Nationalist Movement (TNM) is proud to announce the appointment of Dallas-based attorney Brent Gleason as our new General Counsel. As General Counsel for …

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Numbers Don’t Lie But Politicians Do

Numbers don’t lie. Politicians do. They especially like to lie about numbers. COVID-19 will go down in the history of mankind as the perfect example …

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COVID-19 Has Become An Excuse For Federal Plunder

Anyone who says that Texans should trust the federal government or makes the argument that the federal system is “fixable” is ill and that illness …

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