TNM’s Candidate Endorsement Survey Is Live

With the filing window closing for the 2020 elections, the Texas Nationalist Movement has officially launched it’s candidate endorsement process. Here’s what you need to …

7 Years Of Honoring The Alamo Defenders

84 marches. 84 wreaths. 84 acts of honoring the sacrifice of the Alamo defenders. Saturday, October 13, 2012, the Texas Nationalist Movement was proud to …

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Legislative Committee On Gun Violence Needs To Hear From You

The Texas Legislature is currently conducting a “roadshow” to determine the future of gun ownership in Texas. Now you can and should speak your peace …

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One Campaign Announcement Just Threw The Political Establishment Into Chaos

The political establishment is already in a panic. The announcement by one potential candidate threatens to upend their entire 2020 election strategy and loosen their …

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Lt. Governor Dan Patrick Just Made #TEXIT A Campaign Issue

In a recent fundraising email, Lt. Governor Dan Patrick oddly invoked the words of Marquis de Lafayette to declare that “the American union… must prevail …

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New Report Shows That Your Vote Is Not Safe

Over 100 different voting machines were recently assembled to test them for security vulnerabilities. Hackers were able to take control of all of them. In …

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What Happened After The Battle That Made The ‘Come And Take It’ Flag Famous

In honor of the anniversary of the Battle of Gonzales, where the Texas version of the ‘Come And Take It Flag’ originated, let’s look back …

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