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Independence Day in Texas

Independence Day or Fourth of July – The Truth About What You Are Celebrating

Are you a little more agitated and less tolerant of tyranny than usual on this July 4th holiday? You should be. That is especially true if you are a Texan. Let me begin by clearing up some common misconceptions. July 4th is celebrated as “Independence Day”. There is no holiday called the “Fourth of July”. It is also not “Second …

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Another Perspective on COVID-19 Outbreak

Have millions already been infected by COVID-19 and are now immune? TNM President Daniel Miller took to social media today with a very personal narrative …

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Miller: Combat the COVID Economic Crash By Letting Texans Keep Their Money

Federal dysfunction in Congress is on full display while Texas businesses figuratively burn to the ground and the Texas economy grinds to a halt. But …

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The Federal Government’s COVID-19 Response Plan Revealed

The TNM has received access to the federal government’s response plan to the COVID-19 outbreak. If you are nervous about what’s already happened, wait until …

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TNM Launches Alternative Official Communications Channel

In light of the recent difficulties with connecting and communicating on the major social media platforms as well as email, we are adding another way …

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TNM Advisory Notice on Coronavirus Pandemic

Whether you call it COVID-19 or the Coronavirus, its impacts are near-universal. How much of the concern is founded and how much is hype? We’ve …

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AFTER #TEXIT: Why the Pursuit of Small Government Should Guide the Choices we Make for an Independent Texas

Over the course of the next several weeks, I hope to pen a number of post-#TEXIT policy briefs – relatively short essays on topics I …

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Brexit Today. Texit Next.

Today is Brexit Day. The impact on Texas should not be understated. For the Texas Nationalist Movement, our support for Brexit was more than just …

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Watch This Candidate’s Epic Response To A Question About #TEXIT

This should be a reminder to the political class. Don’t mess with Texas independence. Claver Kamau-Imani, a candidate for Texas House District 138, was participating …

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