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TNM Launches New Advocacy Tool For Supporters

The Texas Nationalist Movement is excited to release a new platform that could be a major game changer in political advocacy for TNM supporters. The …

Would You Vote To Join The Union?

Here’s a thought experiment: Imagine for a moment that your State is currently a self-governing, independent nation. It makes its own laws. It controls its …

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When Did Supporting Our Rights Become Treason In Texas?

Is it really treason to demand that your government keep up its side of the political bargain under pain of divorce? If it is treason, …

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How TS Imelda Will Affect TNM Operations

Southeast Texas is currently reeling from the catastrophic Tropical Storm Imelda. With many areas still flooded and damage still being assessed, we wanted you to …

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The Truth About Texas and FEMA Dollars

While Texans are still reeling from the effects of Tropical Storm Imelda, a familiar refrain about Texas dependence on FEMA in the face of natural …

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Beto Put His Threat On A Shirt. The TNM Responded In Kind.

Beto said that he was going to take our guns. He even started selling a shirt to help fund his promise. The TNM responded that …

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Miller: My Rules For Political Candidates

With our inboxes full of people begging for our votes, I thought I’d share how I’ll be dealing with political candidates at every level in …

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