TNM’s Miller Calls On Texas Rangers To Investigate Speaker Bonnen

The Texas Nationalist Movement’s President Daniel Miller just called on the Texas Rangers to investigate Texas Speaker of the House Dennis Bonnen on charges that …

Texas Nationalists Plan To Sue Mexico For Return Of Alamo Flag

The Texas Nationalist Movement is preparing for a lawsuit against Mexico for the return of artifacts returned to Mexico City during the Texas Revolution. “It …

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Memorial Day Speech Transcript

Here is the transcript of the speech that I gave on the steps of the Capitol in Austin at a Memorial Day Rally hosted by …

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Texas vs. White: Why The Supreme Court Is Dead Wrong on Texas Independence

The famous “Texas vs. White” U.S. Supreme Court case of 1868 declared, among other things, that Texans did not, in fact, secede from the U.S. …

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TNM On Facebook

TNM has been active in social networking for sometime. Now, in addition to Youtube, Myspace and Twitter, you can join the new Texas Revolution on …

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The Word Is Out: Economics Will Drive Independence

I have predicted for many years the coming dissolution of the United States and the reemergence of Texas as as independent nation. It is in …

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Greenland Secedes!

News comes from The Guardian (http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2008/dec/11/greenland-denmark-independence) today that a country that very few ever think about has decided to declare independence. But it’s the few …

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