FLASHBACK: 9 Years Ago Obama Was Shipping Illegal Immigrants To Texas

FLASHBACK: 9 Years Ago Obama Was Shipping Illegal Immigrants To Texas

The mention of transporting illegal immigrants to sanctuary cities has riled up the Left in recent days. But 9 years ago, they were for it before they were against it. Then the Texas Nationalist Movement offered to send them to Washington, D.C. and everything changed.

In 2010, under the Obama administration, the federal government instituted the Alien Transfer and Exit Program which took illegal aliens who had been interdicted in California, Arizona, and New Mexico, placed them on buses and shipped them to the small Texas town of Presidio.

Over the course of weeks, thousands of illegal immigrants were offloaded in Presidio and told to cross the bridge back into Mexico. They did. Then, just days after, they crossed back into Texas overwhelming local law enforcement.

When the alarm was sounded on the Alien Transfer and Exit Program, the TNM offered to return the favor by offering bus rides to the thousands of illegal immigrants to the mother of all sanctuary cities – Washington, D.C.

For the duration of the TNM’s offer not one single illegal immigrant took advantage of the program but the message to federal bureaucrats was clear – what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Looking back nine years it’s clear that the TNM has been consistent in our message to the people of Texas. The federal government cannot and will not deliver immigration and border policies that Texans want. The only way to solve the issues surrounding the border and immigration is for Texas to become a self-governing, independent nation and determine our own immigration and border policies.

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