BREXIT Success Proves TEXIT Can Be Done

BREXIT Success Proves TEXIT Can Be Done

Opponents of TEXIT have pointed to the difficult and protracted BREXIT negotiations as a sign that a Texas exit from the union would be too difficult. This week TEXIT supporters get the last laugh.

With the recent success of the UK’s trading and security deal with the European Union last week just before Brexit’s transition period ends, the TEXIT naysayers have been proven wrong again.

The reality is that nothing is standing in the way of an independent Texas executing bilateral agreements with the United States and utilizing multilateral international agreements with the rest of the world. TEXIT is looking more feasible than ever. It’s simply the way the world works in the 21st century.

The final piece of the BREXIT puzzle was a massive 2,000-page trade agreement with the European Union. It covers an unprecedented scope, with provisions on fishing and aviation, energy interconnections, and civil nuclear cooperation.

On this note, because of the ultimate success of BREXIT, Texas now has a clear, real-world, modern example of an exit from start to finish. In reality, Texas faces very little to no resistance in becoming its own nation, even in the modern age if it chooses to. A break down of all the so-called hurdles to the TEXIT are as follows:

  • Trade Issues: Texas can execute a free trade agreement with the rest of the United States and take up the United States tariff schedule with the World Trade Organization for external trade.
  • Currency Issues: if Texas wanted to, it could take up the US dollar as its official currency. It only needs to enter an informal currency union just as other countries have done, and there’s no need to get permission to do so.
  • Banking Issues: if foreign banks are allowed to operate in the United States without any troubles, why should Texas have any difficulties? There are more State-chartered and State-regulated banks in Texas than those that are federally regulated and chartered.
  • Federal Pension Benefit Issues: individuals that live outside of the country collect federal pensions and their Social Security every month. By using totalization agreements with other countries, US citizens will be able to work outside the country and continue their payments.

Apart from overcoming the issues mentioned above, Texas continues to overperform compared to other nations in the world. Here are just a few things that Texas can boast about:

  • Texas holds the 10th biggest economy in the whole world
  • Texas ranks 22nd as a net global exporter in the world
  • Texas is the 12th biggest technology exporter in the world
  • 93% of exports from Texas are manufactured exports
  • Texas is 19th in the world for active ranches and farms
  • Texas is the top producer of energy in the United States
  • Texas holds the 7th biggest coal reserves
  • Texas is the 6th biggest producer of wind energy in the world
  • Additionally, Texas has its own power grid

With such vast resources and plenty to offer compared to the rest of the world, Texas doesn’t just perform well, but it is already practically functioning as a national government. Frankly, if Texas can’t be an independent, self-governing nation, then no one can.

There’s no reason to believe that Texas separating from the rest of the country will fail. If anything, the statistics above and the recent triumph by the UK is an indication that Texas can only benefit from becoming its own nation and that it can only get better from doing so.

We believe that Texas can stand on its own and has what it takes to be an independent nation. Join us in our movement to give Texas its independence by joining here:

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