California Makes Move To Exit

California Makes Move To Exit

There is a proposition quietly working its way onto the voting agenda in California. Put forth by Californians working towards independence for their state, the petition argues that California should establish diplomatic relations with world nations.

In the petition, they propose that California (apart from the U.S.) recognize the 193 United Nations member states. However, in addition to these, they also urge recognition of and establishing diplomatic relations with the Kingdom of Hawaii and the Republic of Texas, giving these nations the “full extent of diplomatic protocol to which they are entitled.”

Well, this is certainly welcome news to all who believe that Texas ought to be its own country again! We here at the Texas Nationalist Movement applaud every peaceful effort, both cultural and political, that reinforces the idea of Texas independence in the minds of Texians. This proposal, if passed, would be amazing.
TNM wishes our friends in California and Hawaii every success in their independence efforts. Additionally, we are grateful to have our own independence efforts in Texas recognized and encouraged through the California proposition.

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