Daniel Miller Hand Delivers TEXIT Challenge To Abbott and Clardy

Daniel Miller Hand Delivers TEXIT Challenge To Abbott and Clardy

While at the Texas Capitol building on April 8th, the TNM’s President made a couple of special deliveries.

First, Daniel Miller paid a visit to Governor Greg Abbott’s office. While he was unable to speak with the governor directly, he hand-delivered a letter and recorded a video message to the governor regarding the issue of HB1359. The governor has remained absolutely silent on the issue, and Texans deserve to know where their leader stands. He reminds Abbott that remaining silent on the issue is the same as saying he stands with the Biden administration and supports everything they’re doing “to crush Texas under the heels of the federal government.”

Miller’s video message to Governor Greg Abbott

Even though Abbott’s own party’s platform in 2020 reads, “Texas retains the right to secede from the United States should a future president and congress change our political system from a constitutional republic to any other system,” Abbott refuses to comment about his stance on letting the people of Texas vote on the issue.  

Daniel Miller made it very clear to Governor Abbott that Texas voters deserve to be heard on the issue. And if he refuses to support HB1359, the Texas Nationalist Movement “stands ready…to support any elected official who stands with…the people…and will openly and directly oppose any elected official who stands between the people of Texas and a vote on independence.”  

While at the Capitol, Daniel Miller also visited Representative Travis Clardy to challenge him to debate after Clardy’s statements calling TEXIT supporters cowards. It remains unclear if Clardy was actually in his office since he’s been ducking and dodging Miller for weeks. Although TNM President Daniel Miller has challenged him to a debate several times, Clardy has still not had the courage to accept Miller’s invitation.  

Miller’s video message to Travis Clardy.

Miller delivered a letter directly to his office staff and recorded a video message to Clardy while standing outside his office. In the letter, he again invites Clardy to a debate, urging him to show courage and stand behind his words and stop being the “modern-day equivalent of Moses Rose.”

He states in the video, “I’ll go to Nacogdoches. I’ll go to Lufkin. I’ll do it in his backyard over a BBQ pit if that’s what he wants.” Over a week has passed, and there has yet to be a response from Travis Clardy. Who is the coward now?  

Texans deserve to know where their legislators stand on the HB1359 “TEXIT” bill, and the TNM is working hard to make sure the voices of Texans are heard. But many of the legislators have refused to support the bill or even comment on it at all.  

Contact Governor Greg Abbott and Representative Travis Clardy and tell them you want to know where they stand on HB1359, and if they refuse to LET THE VOICES OF TEXANS BE HEARD, you will not be voting for them in the upcoming elections.  

You can reach Governor Abbott’s office at (512) 463-2000. 

You can reach Clardy’s office at (512) 463-0592. 

Letter To Abbott

Letter To Clardy

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