Everything Wrong With Texas Being In The Union In One Tweet

Everything Wrong With Texas Being In The Union In One Tweet

Texas Congressman Michael Burgess tweeted his support for the new US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement. In doing so, he inadvertently laid out why Texans should TEXIT.

Burgess’s tweet (shown below) is 235 characters of pure TEXIT gold.

Burgess deserves credit for his first sentence where he rightly points out the strength of Texas exports to Canada and Mexico. It reinforces a key theme in the TNM’s case for TEXIT. Even under the yoke of federal regulation, taxation, and bureaucratic frustration, Texas still manages to economically outperform all by 8 or 9 other self-governing nation-states in the world.

Burgess’s second sentence is where he starts to lay out the case for TEXIT. The key words are these – “better serve”. In just two simple words Burgess highlights one of the major problems with Texas being in an economic union with the United States. In this trade deal, Texas workers, farmers, ranchers, and entrepreneurs will only get something that is “ok” for them rather than a trade deal that is absolutely the best for them. In other words, according to Burgess, Texans should just shut up and accept a mediocre trade deal.

His final statement punctuates the real problem. Texans have zero real control over our political and economic destiny. Even though the USMCA is not best for Texans, the unspoken assertion by Burgess is that it is, at least, better than the status quo. But even moving it from the status quo “bad deal” to a “mediocre deal” is being held hostage by 497 non-Texans in Washington, D.C. that we have no say in electing.

The point is not whether the USMCA is a good deal or a bad deal. Instead, it’s that the USMCA isn’t our deal. Texas deserves better than to be forced to settle for mediocrity. We should be able to forge our own trade deals on terms that best serve Texas workers, farmers, ranchers, and entrepreneurs. That happens when Texans get tired of accepting “better” crumbs and take back our right to govern ourselves as we see fit. It happens when we TEXIT.

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