Greenland Secedes!

Greenland Secedes!

News comes from The Guardian ( today that a country that very few ever think about has decided to declare independence. But it’s the few that do think about that makes this country extremely important. I am talking about none other than Greenland.

With a population of around 57,000 this country is larger and France and is one of the beneficiaries of the Arctic ice melts. It seems that underneath all of that ice in Greenland is a lot of, well, green land. And that land is potentially chocked full of oil and gems. Now the land of ice and snow is becoming a land of soil and oil, the people that have carved out an existence there want control of their own destiny. They have voted to formally break ties with their Danish masters and forge a new path of independence.

Here’s to our friends in Greenland: “Congratulations!”

The globe is changing and decentralization and independence are breaking out all over. If Greenland can do it, what makes ANYONE think that Texas cannot.

Greenland: ‘Some think the population cannot support independence’

Patrick Barkham reports from Greenland as the nation votes for independence from Denmark


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