One Last Shot For The Monument Protection Act

Although the Monument Protection Act is technically dead for the 86th Legislature, there is one person with the power to resurrect it.

Senate Bill 1663, the Monument Protection Act, was unceremoniously killed in the Calendar Committee of the Texas House this week leaving the fate of monuments, memorials, and markers like the Alamo Cenotaph in the hands of out-of-control city governments.

In the absence of an unlikely “Hail Mary” play in the waning hours of the 86th Legislature, SB 1663 is dead. However, there is one person who can force the Texas Legislature to take up the issue – Governor Greg Abbott.

Abbott has been noticeably silent during the very public efforts to get legal protections for Texas historical monuments and memorials. But his ability to deflect and defer on this issue is at an end.

At the conclusion of this session, the Governor has the constitutional authority to call for a special session of the Texas Legislature to address issues that were not decided during the regular session. This includes the Monument Protection Act.

Make no mistake, Abbott has a binary choice on this issue. He can show that he supports protections for Texas historical monument, markers, and memorials by calling for a special session and adding monument protection to the call. Or, if he fails to do so, he will show voters that he supports the out-of-control local governments who wish to remove and destroy them. There is no middle ground.

Call Governor Greg Abbott NOW and let him know that you want him to show his support for the Monument Protection Act by calling a special session to address it.

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