“I’d vote for it.” Glenn Beck Signals Support For TEXIT

“I’d vote for it.” Glenn Beck Signals Support For TEXIT

On Glenn Beck’s most recent show, he explained his beliefs on the Texas independence movement. He began by quoting opposers of the movement, “I know people will say you can’t secede from the union, you can’t break away, I’m sorry that’s the supreme court. The civil war settled it.” But he continues with, “Did it? Did it really? The Constitution and the Union, the vote to get into it, is not a suicide pact. It’s not if it’s killing freedom.”

He further explains points that the TNM regularly makes, that when a government continues to act tyrannically and strips states of their freedoms, the Declaration of Independence makes it clear that they have the right to ‘get out.”

Later he brought State Representative Kyle Biedermann onto a call to discuss his filing of the Texas Independence Referendum Act. During their conversation, Beck says, “If this were like BREXIT, I would vote for it, because it doesn’t mean war.”

The conversation makes it abundantly clear that the movement is not about hating America. It is about loving Texas and the values that make Texas great. However, as we see more of them being thrown out the window every year, it becomes clear we must stand up and say, “We’re not going to be a part of this much longer.”

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