KVUE Responds To Criticism Of TEXIT Segment

KVUE Responds To Criticism Of TEXIT Segment

KVUE News in Austin is receiving major criticism for a recent segment where they declared that Texit was illegal. They’ve finally responded and Texit supporters are not going to like what they said.

When the segment was brought to the attention of the Texas Nationalist Movement, we asked our 426,365 supporters to express their outrage to KVUE News.

KVUE News Reporter Responds To Criticism of Texit SegmentThe head of TNM’s Content Team, Ryan Thorson, went straight to the reporter’s Facebook page and commented on her post about the segment. Rebeca Trejo, the segment host, responded to Thorson with the closest thing to an official response that we’ve received from KVUE News. In a now-deleted Facebook post, Trejo quipped, “…states seceded some years ago and a war was fought. It did not go well for them.”

This junk argument has been definitively debunked by the TNM for years including an extended take-down in the book TEXIT: Why and How Texas Will Leave The Union.

It’s unclear whether Trejo developed this opinion because of the segment or held this opinion before, but the bias is crystal clear. Despite a direct invitation by the TNM’s President to debate Texit with anyone of their choosing on KVUE News and promises by KVUE’s News Director to reach out to TNM for the opposing viewpoint, KVUE management has been silent. This leaves Trejo’s response as the only official stance from KVUE personnel on the matter.

Texit supporters must not let any media outlet get away with this type of propaganda. It must be called out at every opportunity. Media outlets cannot be allowed to declare themselves “impartial” while engaging in anti-Texit advocacy.

Call the KVUE newsroom at (512) 459-9442 and ask them if Trejo’s response is their official position on Texit. Ask them why they still haven’t contacted the TNM to get the whole story.

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