Lavaca County Judge Blasts Legislators Who Won’t Support TEXIT Vote

Lavaca County Judge Blasts Legislators Who Won’t Support TEXIT Vote

When it comes to establishment Texas politicians, every day is crawfish season. However, TEXIT supporters have a new hero in Lavaca County Judge Mark Myers, who wouldn’t sit by while legislators publicly declared their opposition to letting Texans vote on independence.

At an April 10, 2021 meeting of Republicans in Texas Senate District 18, State Representatives Jacey Jetton, Geanie Morrison, and Ben Leman took to the microphone to declare their opposition to House Bill 1359, which would let the people of Texas vote to start the TEXIT process.

In the audience was Lavaca County Judge Mark Myers, who refused to sit idly by while state legislators proudly declared they were opposed to advancing HB 1359 and bringing TEXIT to a vote of the people.

When Judge Myers was given the opportunity to speak, he laid down a devastating rebuke of the legislators’ unwillingness to put the vote to the people.

Watch the exchange in the video below.

Judge Myers showed tremendous courage in standing up to these legislators who publicly proud of their disregard for Article 1 Section 2 of the Texas Constitution. His rebuke highlights the need for better pro-TEXIT representation in the Texas Legislature. If you are as disturbed by these legislators’ responses as Judge Myers, consider running for office to replace them.

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