Learn How To Take Texas Back At The Ballot Box

Learn How To Take Texas Back At The Ballot Box

Just in time for the Texas Nationalist Movement’s campaign to take Texas back, the Leadership Institute is bringing you an opportunity to learn how to play a role in a winning campaign.

After this dismal legislative session, the only path to victory lies in TNM supporters taking a direct hand in making happen – from the statehouse to the schoolhouse.

As highlighted in the book TEXIT, one of the key challenges that is holding back our side of the issue is knowledge of and proper engagement in the political process by TEXIT advocates. The Leadership Institute’s Campaign School can help the TNM overcome this challenge.

The much-touted crash course on campaigning is perfect for anyone who wants to level-up their effectiveness as a volunteer for the TNM. It also is great for those interested in answering the TNM’s recent call to supporters to run for public office.

Attendees learn how to develop a campaign strategy, determine vote goals and voter targeting, create a compelling message, and raise funds for a campaign.

Below is a list of the training opportunities sorted by county. Find one, get plugged in, and help us win.

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Washington isn’t working for Texas. Neither is Austin. The people of Texas have been ignored too often. It’s time for a fresh start – to choose a different and better path. It’s time for Texans to take Texas back from the unaccountable political class. As an independent self-governing country, the future of Texas will be in the hands of Texans. Together, we can take back Austin and make Texas the country we all know it can be. Sign here to pledge your support.

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