Memorial Day Reminds Us Why We Need To Texit

Memorial Day Reminds Us Why We Need To Texit

This Memorial Day, we appropriately should be memorializing America. Despite the efforts of those who want to save the Union, the existential crises facing it remains unresolved, and Texas effort is better spent building and defending Texas as a safe harbor for liberty, than fighting to save the bureaucratic state.

Many Texans hold a special place in their hearts for Memorial Day, especially veterans. They mark the official holiday by gathering with family, visiting the graves of fallen comrades, and remembering those who made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve liberty for future generations. The tragic reality is that the America for which so many Texans died no longer exists.

How do we reconcile the fact that the blood shed to defend the limited republic conceived by our founding fathers is now profaned by a corrupt, spendthrift, bureaucracy with unlimited reach?

Today over 160,000 Texans serve in U.S. Military’s active and reserve components, approximately 8 percent of the military. Additionally, Texas hosts 30 percent of U.S. military installations within its borders. As a reward for Texas’ oversized contribution to the America’s defense, every year we’re asked to give still more in treasure and blood to sustain what is now inarguably an aging empire of debt.

When servicemen and women swear their oath, it is to the U.S. Constitution and the principles contained therein. But if the Constitution is systematically dismantled by the very government they represent, what’s the point? What are all these sacrifices that we honor on Memorial Day? Without the principles that made America unique in the world, such sacrifices are squandered by bureaucrats who seek only their personal empowerment.

Texans cannot continue our blood in vain. Instead, we must draw a line in the sand.

Honor the sacrifice of your loved ones by supporting TEXIT.

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