More Representatives Sign On To The TEXIT Bill

More Representatives Sign On To The TEXIT Bill

State Representatives are officially signing on to the Texas Independence Referendum Act. Here’s who believes that you should have a right to vote on TEXIT so far.

The Texas Independence Referendum Act, officially known as HB1359, continues to make progress in the Texas House of Representatives. The bill, authored and filed by Representative Kyle Biedermann of District 73 on January 26th, has continued to gain strength and support. The bill was assigned to the State Affairs Committee on March 5th, and yesterday, five more Representatives officially indicated their support of allowing Texans to vote on the issue of independence.

While Representative James White of District 19 signed on as Joint Author, Representative Jeff Cason from District 92, Representative Brian Slaton from District 2, Representative Phil Stephenson from District 85, and Representative Steve Toth from District 15 signed on as Coauthors. Although this is great news for HB1359, still more Representatives need to sign on to send a stronger message to the legislature indicating this bill should be a priority.

Many constituents have been diligently calling or meeting with their representatives to let them know how important this issue is to the people. While many representatives have verbally expressed their support, only a few have made it official.

People should continue to contact their representatives, urging their support of the bill. They need to know this is important and that their constituents EXPECT their voices to be heard. They need to understand this is a voting issue for its supporters in future elections. They need to be reminded that they work for the people, and it is their duty to represent the people who elected them to office.

Finding representatives can be done quickly and easily. Registered TNM supporters can log into the website at, go to the “Action Center” tab, and click on the “My Legislators” link. You can also get a wealth of background information on our TEXIT page and can access additional tools on our TEXIT Resources page.

Non-registered supporters can find their legislators by visiting the Texas Legislature Online at and entering their address in the “Who Represents Me?” area in the lower right-hand corner.

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