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New Figures Demolish Anti-Brexit Fear Campaign
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Looking to the reality of Texas following the U.K. in separating themselves from their own unaccountable bureaucracy, it’s important to take to heart some of these lessons of Brexit.

Texas also has its own prognosticators of doom who say that a revived Republic Texas would be a colossal failure. While a possible Texit might not mirror the U.K. in every aspect of the E.U. separation, its important to note that Texas already has many advantages that will aid them in going their own way.

Recently highlighted on Twitter, one big advantage was noted by Texas’ own Governor, Greg Abbott. If Texas were her own country today, she would have the 10th largest economy in the world. That’s not at all a bad starting point for a fledgling nation.

As endless deficit spending in Washington continues, threatening the U.S. economy with collapse, and as D.C. continues in its resolve to usurp as much power of self-determination from regular citizens as they can, more and more Texans are reaching the conclusion that Texas would be better off governing themselves. Texas is ready for all the challenges of independence as well as the benefits of our reclaimed Liberty.

As the inevitability of Texas independence strengthens, Brexit will serve as a resounding example to all Liberty-loving Texians of what can be done when the people take charge of their own lives.

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