New Poll Shows Half of Southern Republicans Support Secession

New Poll Shows Half of Southern Republicans Support Secession

In a recent poll by Bright Line Watch, people were asked, “Some people say the divisions within our country have grown so deep that we would be better off dividing into more like-minded regions that would govern themselves separately. Do you support or oppose the idea of the United States dividing into more than one nation?”

Of the total people polled in the southern states, 33% believe secession from the United States is a good idea. The highest in the polls were citizens that identify as Republicans (50%), then Independents (45%), followed by Democrats (13%). 

The secession idea is nothing new to the Texas Nationalist Movement. While third-polling on the issue of withdrawing from the union is often filled with major errors in polling methodology, internal polling by the TNM has consistently shown a majority of Texans who are ready for TEXIT. If these recent polls are correct, more and more citizens in other states are looking to follow Texas by leaving the corrupt Federal Government and choosing to govern themselves.

Texas Representative Kyle Biederman has introduced a bill that will ask Texans if they want to leave the United States. The bill is called the Texas Independence Referendum Act. If passed through the Texas Legislature, it would give Texans the ability to vote on the issue in the general election to be held on November 2, 2021.  

As Texans, our time is now. We have the opportunity to make Texas Independence a reality. House Bill 1359 is currently in the process of making its way through the 87th Texas Legislature. For it to pass, we as Texans need to call upon our Texas Legislators to bring TEXIT to fruition. Call your local Texas Legislators and tell them they have to support HB 1359. You can find out who your Texas legislators are at  

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