New Report Sheds Light On #Texit Support

It has become common for the political class and their apologists to dismiss the Texas Nationalist Movement as a “small group”. But new figures are shattering that lie.

In a report compiled by an independent researcher and submitted to the TNM, the numbers tell a completely different story that is sure to embolden TNM supporters.

The report compares the TNM to 10 other major political advocacy organizations by measuring their membership or declared support numbers as a percentage of registered voters in the geographic areas they serve.

In the organizations surveyed that cover all 50 States, membership figures for the National Organization of Women (0.34%), the NAACP (0.21%), the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League (0.68%), MoveOn (0.21%), and LULAC (0.09%), represent less than 1% of the registered voters. The National Rifle Association (3.42%), Americans for Prosperity (1.57%) and the US Chamber of Commerce (2.05%) are standouts in this group.

Among Texas-only organizations, the powerful political action committee, Texans For Lawsuit Reform, only represented 0.11% of the registered voters in Texas with the current favorite cause of Governor Greg Abbott, the Texas branch of the Convention of States Project with the support of only 0.61% of Texas voters.

In comparison with all of these “acceptable” organizations, the Texas Nationalist Movement has the declared support of 2.11% of Texas voters. The results validate the TNM’s position that it is, indeed, one of the largest political advocacy organizations in Texas.

The report cautions that membership in the Texas Nationalist Movement is not the sum total of support for an independent Texas. It goes further by comparing polling data to election data from the 2016 primaries and the 2012 General Election estimating an additional 5 to 6 million Texans that are ready right now for Texas to be an independent nation.

This report is great news for the TNM and should add some perspective to the debate about the level of support for the organization throughout Texas. It also shows that the TNM must continue to fight through the propaganda about the “insignificant size” of the movement and connect with pro-independence voters.

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Karl Gleim
Karl Gleim

There certainly are a lot of folks out there who are interested in Texas returning to its original Independent status from that of just a single state among 50. I know this from personal experience. “How?”, you might ask. Well I know this to be true because I have personally collected 1000 signatures from Texans who signed the Petition during our petition drive to get Texas Independence put on the ballot so that we could have a vote on it. I talk to people regularly who when I ask them my Question, “If you had the opportunity to vote for… Read more »

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