One Campaign Announcement Just Threw The Political Establishment Into Chaos

The political establishment is already in a panic. The announcement by one potential candidate threatens to upend their entire 2020 election strategy and loosen their hold on Texas politics.

Claver Kamau-Imani, founder and CEO of and member of the Texas Nationalist Movement’s Advisory Board, has announced the formation of an impressive exploratory committee in anticipation of announcing his candidacy for Texas House District 138.

With the September 25th announcement by State Rep. Dwayne Bohac (R) that he would not seek re-election in 2020, House District 138 in west Houston is now an open seat.

“I’ve been a resident of HD138 since 1997. I believe there can be no other candidate to enter this race that will know this district and its citizens better than me,” said Kamau-Imani.

If Kamau-Imani takes the next step and announces a formal campaign for HD138, he will immediately be considered the front runner and favorite to win the March 2020 primary. No declared or potential candidate will be able to surpass his name ID.

“One thing is certain. HD138 and the Pink Dome are not in need of any political neophytes, or those with insufficient battle scars earned from the continuous fight for Texas liberty,” said Kamau-Imani.

Claver is a well-known proponent of Texas independence and has been a popular speaker at TNM events. As a passionate advocate for the TNM’s mission, his recent public takedown of State Senator Jose Rodriguez went viral on social media.

TNM President Daniel Miller, a member of Kamau-Imani’s exploratory committee and long-time friend, believes that this announcement is going to change the political calculus for the entire election cycle state-wide.

“The TNM has been busy recruiting candidates to take the battle over all of our issues right to the opposition. Claver entering the race sets a leadership example that others in the organization can follow. Claver is fond of saying that “the only way out is out”. To paraphrase, the only way to fight is to fight. That starts with challenging every single elected office held by people who are opposed to the TNM’s mission, vision, and values with people who are absolutely committed to our mission. If Claver’s announcement sparks a rush of new candidates, then all bets are off for 2020. We can change the face of politics in Texas for good.”

At this point Kamau-Imani has only formed an exploratory committee. However, you can encourage him to formally run for the Texas House. Enter your info on the form below and let Claver know that you want him to be one of your champions in the next session of the Texas Legislature.

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Rodney Moore
Rodney Moore

I think I would be a racist and vote for him if he was in my district …

Karl Gleim
Karl Gleim

Racist or not, voting for Claver is the right thing to do any way one looks at it. Of course unless you’re a liberal and you look at everything cockeyed. I’d post a cockeyed face right here if there was a function for doing so. LOL

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