Previous Independence Referendums Point To The Success Of A TEXIT Vote

Previous Independence Referendums Point To The Success Of A TEXIT Vote

While skeptics continue to doubt the possibility of TEXIT, historical evidence points to the success had by previous nations who have voted for independence.

An in-depth look into the history of independence referendums shows that out of the 48 referendums held since 1905, when Norway voted to withdraw from Sweden, a whopping 43 have resulted in forming a new independent self-governing nation on the first vote. This equates to an 89.5% success rate. Two other referendums that failed on the first vote subsequently reversed their “no” results on a second referendum.

The one outlier is Quebec, which has held two votes to leave Canada, and remains the only state where an independence referendum is yet to result in a separation in more than a century.

While the Scottish Independence Referendum ultimately ended with negative results—55.3% in favor of “no” to 44.7% voting “yes”— they appear to be headed for a second referendum.

As mentioned, only five independence referendums resulted in defeat—one in Malta, one in Montenegro, two in Quebec, and the referendum in Scotland. However, in Malta and Montenegro, the citizens later reversed their decisions and, a decade later, opted for independence.

Other referendums that have resulted in their country’s independence, including Iceland in 1944, Algeria in 1961, Eritrea in 1993, East Timor in 1999, Montenegro in 2006, Southern Sudan in 2011, and the United Kingdom in 2015.

The historical success of independence referendums shows the odds of a successful TEXIT vote are high should Texans be given the opportunity to vote on the issue.

The Texas Independence Referendum Act can give Texans the vote on independence that they deserve. This proposed legislation will provide Texans with the choice to vote and become a self-governing and independent nation-state.

The Act is a comprehensive piece of legislation and has been modeled after the Scottish Referendum Act, the UK Referendum Act, and previous proposals that the TNM has submitted.

But to make this happen, to make history happen, we need your help. Your support to make Texas a sovereign state will help to get us over the line and into independence.

Make sure to have your voice heard by visiting our website at Together, we can call Texas our own.

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