Radio Host Chris Salcedo’s Real Talk On #TEXIT

Radio Host Chris Salcedo’s Real Talk On #TEXIT

Another Texas-based radio host has come out in support of TEXIT as a legitimate political option for Texans.

Chris Salcedo, the host of the syndicated Chris Salcedo Show and a host on Newsmax TV, set off a firestorm this morning when he publicly signaled his support for a TEXIT vote.

Citing State Representative Kyle Biedermann’s commitment to file the Texas Independence Referendum Act, Salcedo went on to discuss his belief that it is a viable political option for Texans who will not live under an oppressive federal government.

Salcedo also echoed the Texas Nationalist Movement’s years-long arguments that it would be a peaceful, BREXIT-style exit and that an overwhelming percentage of Texans would vote in favor of leaving the union.

His remarks bolster the TNM’s efforts to get an independence referendum on the ballot as he becomes the latest high-profile media personality to come out in support of the vote.

You can listen to the full-clip from his show below.

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