Representative Clardy Dodges TNM Daniel Miller’s TEXIT Debate Challenge

Representative Clardy Dodges TNM Daniel Miller’s TEXIT Debate Challenge

In a recent Facebook Live post, Representative Travis Clardy of Nacogdoches called secession “silly talk” and he called TEXIT supporters “cowards and deserters”.  He states that the movement is “unhealthy and unproductive”.  

In response, president of the Texas Nationalist Movement, Daniel Miller, openly challenged him to debate the issues of TEXIT – anytime, anyplace – toe to toe – man to man. 

Representative Travis Clardy remains silent in response to Daniel Miller’s challenge.  

Even though Clardy considers himself “a Texan first, and an American second”, he fails to see the facts surrounding the US government’s atrocities and the harmful effects it has on Texas. He refers to his “namesake, William Barrett Travis”, but has failed to even show up for the fight!  

Representative Clardy needs to hear how you feel about being referred to as cowards and deserters.  

  • Tell him your voice should be heard, and the people need to be given the opportunity to vote on the issue.  
  • Tell him you think he is the coward who is putting the needs of the US above the needs of Texans.  
  • Tell him if he thinks he has the courage to tackle the tough issues, accept Daniel Miller’s challenge to debate the issues of TEXIT.  

State Representative Travis Clardy – (512) 463-0592  

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